I feel proud and extremely honored to have got an opportunity to serve as the National President of Round Table Nepal 2019-20.

An opportunity to lead this organization is a huge responsibility for me because I am proud of the legacy this organization has, I am proud of all the efforts the past presidents have put to make RTN what it is.I am humbled by all the love that has come my way and with immense gratitude and humility I stand here as the President of Round Table Nepal. My mind and heart are filled with mixed emotions taking me back in time when I joined this movement of like-minded young men. I was inducted in Birgunj Round Table 3 on 25 th December 2010 and I couldn’t have asked for a better table to be part of and I say this because of the group of mentors I had, I wouldn’t be standing here if it was not for these gentlemen from BRT 3. The journey has been phenomenal to say the least where in memories have been created for a lifetime.

When I started out as a floor tabler, I thought I would contribute to Round Table Nepal. Little did I realize that like a selfless parent, Round Table Nepal, has given me a lot!! Despite holding an MBA degree, it was this movement that actually taught me lessons of life like -- selflessness, friendship, community service and togetherness.

“ROUND TABLE” has become an integral part of my life but the real question is why has it become so close to me? What has it given me? What purpose is it serving for me? 46 schools, 316 classrooms, more than 15000 kids benefiting every year, Earthquake relief work, Flood relief work, Health camps, Blood Donation drives, Thalassemia Project, amazing fellowships, strong networking to name a few. Round Table has given me an identity that I never knew existed, it has taught me real life lessons which the best of universities around the world cannot teach, it has given me lifetime friends around the world, it has given me an opportunity to touch lives of under rivileged and above all an opportunity to make a serious impact on the society.

Isn’t it amazing how a single organization gives you an opportunity to fulfill and experience so many facets of life? And that is the reason that I have never felt the need of joining any other organization till date.

As I take over the reins of RT Nepal, I am excited, as it gives me an opportunity to do so much more, it gives me an opportunity to move out of my comfort zone and challenge myself, it gives me an opportunity to create leaders for tomorrow who will take this movement forward and it gives me an opportunity to develop as a human being, a team player, a mentor and a leader. I am lucky to have a solid board along with a group of very energetic and motivated NEx council. I request each one of us to give our 100% for further development of our organization, lets continue to make new friends, spread smiles and make a difference to the lives of the less privileged.

PRIDE, PASSION and PURPOSE are the three words that define tabling for me and they have guided me in my 9-year-old journey as a tabler. PRIDE is what defines us, PASSION is what fuels us and PURPOSE is what drives us. I am a tabler who takes great PRIDE in wearing the Rondel at all times. I am a tabler overflowing with PASSION to do something for this organization. I am a tabler with unwavering PURPOSE to serve the society. I am all this and a lot more.

Beyond everything I am an optimist. I have faith that together we can take Round Table Nepal to greater heights, I have faith that we will continue to ADOPT, ADAPT and IMPROVE and I have faith that we will keep tabling with PRIDE PASSON and PURPOSE.

Tr. Saurabh Kedia
National President 2019-20
Round Table Nepal