All 4 Nepal was initiated during the earthquake that hit Nepal in early 2015.Although in distress the whole of RTN stood up and came forward to help the weaker section as well as the most affected. All4nepal then took a different shape and from relief work it then started its foray into rebuilding schools from the amount the Tabling brothers donated. Since then it has made some big strides in bringing schools back on its feet in earthquake affected districts. Awarded the best project amongst all the tables in the world it has helped thousands of students pursue their dreams.

All4Nepal in Numbers

  • Total projects undertaken and handed over – NPR 39 million. Total schools handed over 9. Total Classrooms 95.
  • Addition to the above work in infrastructure, relief material worth millions was contributed as part of instant reprieve.
  • It has touched the lives of more than 5000 families and what matters eventually is our commitment to Serve.